Hands down, one of our favourite places for a family day out would be Kew Botanical Gardens, It's peaceful and tranquil and exploring the generous grounds and wandering in and out of the green houses & conservatories helps to calm my easily anxious heart. We've been visiting at least twice a year for the past 4 years, G loves it too. We decided to plan a trip this past Saturday to kick off G's half term week, however, it was a viciously cold day, once again the weather was trying it's very best to provide us with snow, but we rallied and went about our day in spite of it all. As usual we wanted to wander the grounds, to see what was new and possibly make our way around more of the space than we've done in the past (it's a personal challenge to actually see all there is to be seen there). But, the weather said no, in fact, the weather said I will punish you for leaving the warmth of your home today, your fingers will burn from the cold and your ribs will ache from tensing. The kid had plans, "I want to see everything" she said and I badly wanted to deliver her desires, because I desired the same experience too, however after spending a good hour in the Princess of Wales Conservatory taking in the spectacular Orchid's on display for the orchid festival, we became acclimated to the warmth and completely forgot the reality that awaited us outside. On returning to the great outdoors, the cold was a shock to the system and thoughts of home were beckoning, we grabbed something to eat and negotiated with the kid, pocket money and permission to buy any sweet of her choosing granted us our wish of leaving earlier than planned. Anyways, i've rambled on enough, I managed to capture a few (maybe more than a few) shots of all the beauty in the Princess Of Wales Conservatory below, and if you're looking for a lovely day out and you live in London or planning a trip to London, Kew is definitely worth your time!

Until next time

Kay xxx