Cherry, Almond & Coconut Ice Cream

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Summer came this year, I mean, it really came; it brought all the rays and all the humidity in excess (the latter, not the former, i'll take the rays, all day every day) I can't say that it's made functioning at optimal Living in the upstairs of my house feels like an inferno, turn the fan on and all it does it blow around the hot air. It doesn't help


Cherry, Almond & Coconut Ice Cream


400 g cherries, pitted

140 g caster sugar, halved 

300ml coconut mylk (full fat) 

300ml canned coconut milk

5 large egg yolks

2 gelatine leaves

20 mls honey

5 grams fresh beetroot


Simmer  the cherries with half of the sugar for 10 - 15 minutes

Strain 1/3 of the cherry mixture and set aside, you will need this to mix into the ice cream when it's churning

Blend the remaining cherry until smooth, set aside to cool

Beat the egg yolk and remaining sugar together

Heat the coconut milk over medium heat, do not allow to boil.

Temper the egg yolk and sugar mixture by slowly adding 80% of the hot milk in small amounts whilst constantly whisking

Pour the mixture back into the pan and return to the heat. Allow to cook under constant stirring until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a wood spoon.

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