Raise your hand if the heat wave has you daydreaming of rain, I mean big fat juicy raindrops that fling themselves against your windows and last for hours........not just the kid and I? This is the hottest Summer I've experienced in the UK.  I grew so accustomed to having 4 different seasons in one typical British summer's day, that seeing temperatures 27C and above on the weather app has me muttering obscenities under my breath. I'm not sure, but I think I may have lost my "island girl card" because I'm begging for autumn days to roll on. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a few hot days here and there,  and the sunshine has been wonderful for my mood, but everything in moderation, please.  For the most part, we are spending the hottest days at home, downstairs with the curtains drawn, because upstairs in my house gets so hot that it's unbearable.  Anyhow, I was looking for ways to keep us cool, and ice cream came to mind so I whipped out the ice cream machine and threw together this recipe that's been brewing in my mind since the start of summer. It's a marriage of classic flavours with a dash of the exotic. Keep reading for the recipe! 

Cherry ice cream-261.jpg

Cherry, Almond & Coconut Ice Cream

This recipe is a sweet treat that really helped to cool us off on the worst of the days. It marries the classic flavours of bake well tart but i took things one step further by throwing in a tropical vibes of coconut milk. Click below to get the recipe .